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Zanzibar Island

A cluster of islands nestled in the Indian Ocean just off the east coast of Tanzania. The two principal islands in the group are Zanzibar and Pemba. Smaller islands are scattered around these, which range from mere sandbanks to those with their own ethnic grouping and a fierce sense of identity.

A cliché it might be, but Zanzibar is one of those words, that conjure up adventure, remoteness and excitement. And Zanzibar really does have something for everyone. If your idea of heaven is to lie on the most perfect of perfect beaches, undisturbed by anything more than the occasional hermit crab, you'll find tiny, abandoned coves where you can forget the rest of the world exists, and stir only to flop into the bath-warm sea, or if your burning desire is for colorful local traditions, crumbling picturesque ruins and dim, fascinating markets, Zanzibar has all this in spades, too. And if, you'd prefer a bit of both, the small size of the islands and proliferation of places to stay in all price ranges makes Zanzibar the ideal destination for touring.

For water sports enthusiasts, the coral reefs and open sea between Zanzibar and Pemba are justly famous for the quality of their snorkeling, diving and big game fishing.

Most accounts of Zanzibar in travel literature and fiction begin with a description of the port of Stone Town, the island's capital, from the sea. It's certainly an unforgettable sight. Minarets and graceful, curved towers rise above the turquoise waters, the smell of cloves wafts on the breeze, and Arab dhows with sails the shape of the crescent moon bob gently in the harbor. 

On arrival, you'll end up in one of two places - the narrow, winding streets of Stone Town's old quarter, or the glittering beaches of the coast. Everything seems very, very exotic. The Swahili people of Zanzibar have been welcoming strangers to their country since the first Phoenician ships blew into the harbor on the northwest monsoon of 600BC, or thereabouts. They've seen Greeks, Arabs, Persians, Portuguese, Indians; Chinese, American and British ships anchor offshore in the centuries since, so not much can faze them.

Ancient visitors to the island came to trade -- gold, silks, ivory, spices, animal skins and, most notoriously, slaves. But many stayed, intermarrying with the locals to form a culture that's uniquely diverse, and producing a race of people who regard hospitality to strangers as a sacred duty. 

The word you'll hear first, and most frequently throughout your stay, is Karibu (welcome in Swahili). And astonishingly, considering a colorful history of conquest, slavery and revolution, they mean it.

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Zanzibar 5 Days

Welcome to the Spice island of Zanzibar where you will explore the historical city of Stone Town, the Prison island and the spice Farm .

Included in Price

Accommodation: 5 Days 4 Nights
Meal plan: 4 Dinner   4 Lunch.  4 Breakfast

Excluded in Price
Fights, Tips, 


$ 1,000pp


JozanI Forest

Jozani Forest (Zanzibar National Park) 

Home to the Red Colobus Monkeys, Jozani forest is located on the south-east of the island, just over an hour`s drive away. Your guide takes you through a nature trail searching for these amazing creatures and observing variety of trees, plants and several bird species.


$ 50pp


Dolphin Tour

Get picked up from your hotel in an air-conditioned vehicle and head to the Kizimkazi village, where you will be met by the captain. Here, start your journey to meet and have a chance to swim with dolphins. The captain will take the boat to locations well-known for dolphin spotting, while maintaining a respectful distance. The well-equipped boat will travel to several spots to ensure time for dolphin watching and scenic snorkeling. Enjoy the beauty of the coral and the brightly coloured fish. Along the way, savor some delicious snacks and fruits. After the tour, you will be brought safely to shore before being dropped off at your hotel


$ 80pp

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